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What kind of tire should we use for self driving?

Self-driving tour has become the first choice for many friends to travel. It is usually carried on paved roads, and the requirements for tires are not too high. However, there is a big difference between self-driving and ordinary self-driving tour, because the crossing represents the possibility that the performance of the vehicle tires is very high in places where there are some people who are sparsely populated and complicated in road conditions. Today we will discuss what kind of tires should be used for self-driving?
Let's take a brief explanation of the tires first, so that everyone has a preliminary understanding of the tires. There is a basic concept in the future when driving through the tires.
Most of the SUV's original tires are road tires, referred to as HT tires, which mainly take care of roads. The advantage is comfortable, quiet, and fuel-efficient, but the problem with this type of tire is that the sidewall is too thin and the pattern is shallow. Once the road is broken, there is a possibility that the tire will be punctured and trapped.
Hard-core SUVs generally use full-road tires, referred to as AT tires. The advantages of AT tires are mainly to deal with the non-paved road surface, the wall thickness, the protective performance, the large block and the stronger traction.
The COMFORSER tire CF1000-AT is full-road, wide tread design and strong carcass structure to make the tire pass more. The pattern is arranged in a vertical and horizontal direction to enhance the drainage and wear resistance of the tire.

Also mentioned here is the MT tire. Tire tires are referred to as MT tires. These tires are used by many off-road enthusiasts. The advantage of this type of tire is that it is more comfortable on the muddy roads and unconventional roads. It is more convenient for extreme road conditions, so if you are interested in pursuing passion, you can also choose COMFORSER tire CF3000 pattern.





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